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All the details, written work, and images relating to my character for Character Creation. 

Character FORM (Given Form)


Name: Nadia
Nicknames / Name Change
DoB: 3030 AD – 20 years old


Physical Age: 20 years old
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Build: Wide shoulders but a slim tall build.
Ethnic Origin: Middle eastern
Colour: Tan
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Style: Braided to the side
Eye Colour: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Sharp facial features
Posture: Tall, straight posture
Walks: In long strides
Talks: In a strong but feminine voice
Eats: Whatever she can, having been brought up with a survival instinct.
Smiles: Rarely, but when she does it’s for a good cause.
Laughs: Rarely, just like smiling
Gestures: Uses very little hand gestures and can appear emotionless
Hygiene: Relatively good hygiene, using the limited resources while she lived sub-terrain.
Special Abilities:  She’s physically stronger due to intense training and how she was brought up
Weaknesses: Her family. She wants to protect them no matter what as the sole bread winner, but fears and worries she’ll let them down.


Intelligence: Not as intellectual as she is physically powerful. Education wasn’t ever her main purpose. Has relatively good problem solving.
Social Status: Regular citizens left with the harsh labour duties in their society as the lowest of classes in their hierarchy.
Economic Status: Poor. Living in debt to the overlord of their bunker – but isn’t any poorer or richer than the others in their situation living as seemingly the only humans left on earth.
Religious Beliefs: There is no religion on this post-war earth.


Generally: Generally emotionless
How do they Relate to Others: Relates to others she connects to as family. Connects to them through a sense of protection and duty.
Trust: Trusts her mother and once upon a time trusted her leaders/saviours.
Likes: Likes to train and become stronger/a more meaningful person.
Dislikes: Dislikes when harm comes to those around her as well as being set back.
Content / Happy: Happy while training and moving up ranks
Anger / Sad: Upset when family is at harm or things go against her ways.
Fears: Fears the truth, what might be outside the place she’s grown to call home, etc.
Hopes / Dreams / Goals: Hope there is human life outside the bunker and dreams of living in a free world.
Motivations / Drive Motivation is her sick family who she wishes to give a good life to.
Conflicts personal and interpersonal Conflicts include her loyalty to her sub-terrain society and conflicts between high ranking personnel opposed to her leaving and venturing onto the surface.


The character develops quickly in the story from being sold with the cause – not seeing a problem in their seemingly utopian society. The development begins when the character sees the flaws and develops opinions of her own not influenced by their society.

The development sees her move from a clone of her world to becoming a unique minded individual fighting for the better of others in the game.

She’s a likable character regardless, but becomes a hero by the end. In the start she may not be seen as a hero.

Character FORM (My own form)

(b) Design a template to be used when developing a character.

– Name: Nadia

– Date of Birth: 3030 AD – 20 years old

– Appearance: sharp facial features.

-Eye Colour: brown

-Hair Style/Colour: braided and black

-Facial Features: sharp features, small, dainty, feminine, strong brow.

-Modifications: none.

-Height: 5″ 9′

-Weight: 9 stone

-Proportions: wide shoulder & hips. Otherwise quite slim.

-Skin Colour: tan/brown

-Notable Features: sharper face.

-Posture/Walk: long strides, stands straight like a fighter.

– Birthplace/country/town: In a unspecified town on the surface. Currently lives in an unspecified location presumable in what we know as the middle east.

– Education/Training/Occupation: Trained as part of the military and works common jobs. Isn’t thoroughly educated.

– Family Background/History (living/deceased family members, relationships, names, brief descriptions of secondary characters, their role in the story, income etc): Has a mother and sister. Father is dead. Sister is ill – similiar looking to main character. Mother is too old – weathered and frail. She is the sole provider. Gets along well with family and would do anything for them.

– Personality (soft, angry, happy, likable, dislikeable, snobby, etc. List any relevant traits as well as relevant reasons why they are this way): Has a hard personality that appears stony to strangers or people she is not close to.

– Morality (good/evil): initially she fights for an evil cause under the impression she is doing good. In the end she fights for the right cause knowing she is doing good.

-Personal Beliefs (religion – fictional or non-fictional): No religious beliefs in this futuristic world.

– Goals (what do they wish to achieve and how is this relevant to the gameplay): Wishes to live like she had when she was a kid with all he family free on the land.

– Achievements (what has your character done so far in the sense of notability): Her sole notable achievement was moving up ranks in her military training shortly before gameplay begins and she flees their society.

– Strong Points (combat, word play, common sense, etc): Has great combat skills due to training and good problem solving.

– Weaknesses (“   “    “    “): her weakness is her family and education.

-Current Mental State (By current, I mean at the beginning of the games/characters journey): Strong willed but upset – driving her more to get what she’s set out to do which is to prove there is human life on the surface and they’re being imprisoned unfairly



Character & character type


Alice Lidell – Protagonist, Anti-Hero


Dr Neo Cortex – Antagonist, Shadow/Villain


Lara Croft – Protagonist, Hero


Jebediah S. Jerky – Helper, Herald, Mentor


Emporer Xizzle – Antagnoist, Villain, Trickster

Character - About

My original drawing above and my digital version. Both are of the same character who I’m going to call ‘Nadia’.

Before the age of ten, she was raised on earth as we know it today. War broke out when she was a child, her father was sent to war. Her family was evacuated to a bunker as nuclear bombs destroyed every living thing. Her father died. Her family survived, but hadn’t seen the sunlight since.

This character has been brought up in post-war earth out in a desolate sub-terrain bunker below the planes of a dry and barren desert. Her father was killed in what is simply referred to as ‘The War’, and all her life has promoted the cause and memory of her father and his honorable death.


In doing this, she’s trained as part of this cause to join the ranks of her sub-terrain society ruled in a dytopian fashion disguised as what can appear to be a utopia. They aren’t allowed to see the outside and their only connection to the surface above them is the blue skies painted above their home through the warped glass ceiling.

She’s been the sole money maker for her family since her father died, working in agriculture to sustain life in the bunker using advanced technology and science. Other than that, she trains persistently. These factors contribute to a hard and un-breaking persona. Loyal but independent.

Before her change of mind, she worships the ruling body in the bunker like they are her savior – blinded at first. She would defend them to no end. Of course, before gameplay can begin this obviously changes.

As she’s promoted from working in the fields sustaining the food supply to working as the assistant for their president, she gets a closer insight to exactly what they’re doing. There she realizes that things are more sinister than they might have initially seemed – they’re being kept in the bunker not for their own good, but for the higher ups. At this point, the main character Nadia sees that she’ll only know the truth if she sees it with her own eyes – this prompts her to begin her plan and break out of the bunker (where game play will actually begin).

Nadia’s family is a small one – Her mother, and perhaps a sister. She could be ill or have a life threatening condition to draw sympathy from players. Her sister is only a few years younger. Her mother is a middle aged and gradually getting worse in health. Neither of them can work therefore Nadia takes the main load of work in whatever needs to be done.

Their home is a high-tec subsection in the bunker – a ‘living quarters’ type area – where other family live in small rooms using as little space as possible.

Te people living sub-terrain have to pay high taxes to their president – previously thought to be guaranteeing their protection. Nadia now realizes it was out of greed and exploitation.

When Nadia escapes to find other human life outside, she risks her life and family’s knowing they could be hurt – but Nadia thinks that’s for the best.

Her goals when gameplay begins is to find other human life (if not she’s willing to die). Upon finding human life, she wants to return to the bunker and free her family and whoever else will come. Her resentment for their president is so strong she considers killing him.


To put it simply, she dresses/appears in a similar way to a regular character would and doesn’t appear to wear any special armor, clothing, or the likes. I want her to appear simple – a basic sandy colored shirt and similar colored bottoms. Khaki material. She wears a hood, to perhaps tie in with the desert environment.

Weapons associated with the character can be a basic knife-type form – a machete of sorts, as well as a modern gun (perhaps not one that shoots bullets. A laser beam maybe?). These weapons will be acquired during game play to combat enemies ahead.



Weapons Inspiration (Details)

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Weapons Inspiration (Details)

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Machete Drawing (Details)

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Material #2 (Details)

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Character – Spyro

Game – Spyro the Dragon Series – specifically ‘Spyro The Dragon’ (1998)

Game Description – The intention of the game is to play via the character of Spyro and free other dragons around the world they live from their prisons and defeat Gnasty Gnorc.

Why This Character – This character is the protagonist of one of the biggest video games for Playstation 1 – A breakthrough console for casual video gaming. He’s an iconic character immediately recognisable on par with other characters such as Mario and Luigi from the Nintendo consoles. Also a character that most gamers have heard of through their initial first experiences with video games – being a character/from a game aimed at younger players most of whom now adults.

Characters Role – Protagonist of the series and the character that the players assume the role of when joining the game. Their role in the game is to defeat the antagonist along a story timeline in the game.

Relationship With Characters – The character of Spyro has various relationships with other characters such as siblings with Sparx the Dragonfly and enemies with Gnasty Gnorc. He’s generally a likable character.

Personal Appeal – The appeal to players of this game towards Spyro is his reliability. He was designed to be bratty and unpredictable, but likable and cute which connects with mainly the younger players of this game. It made him a character that acted much like the people/friends around the player, connecting on a personal level.

How The Character Influences Gameplay – The character influences gameplay as the main character, determined and loyal to his cause to defeat the antagonist and rescue his friends. Without this determination, you can’t imagine the game being taken in the way it was.








Dr. Neo Cortex


Character – Dr. Neo Cortex

Game – Crash Bandicoot (1996)

Game Description – Primarily the games purpose is to assume the role of the Protagonist, Crash Bandicoot, and save his girlfriend, Tawna, from evil Dr. Cortex. Throughout the game you have to complete a series of levels defeating henchmen and other threats in order to reach Dr. Neo Cortex and rescue the protagonist’s girlfriend.

Why This Character – I chose Dr. Neo Cortex because he’s one of the most recognisable early antagonists in video games (specifically PS1).

Characters Role – His role isn’t seen as much as the main (protagonist character), however without him there’d be no plot. His role is to capture Crash’s girlfriend and hold her in his castle while commanding several threats to pursue Crash, holding him off from reaching his goal.

Relationship With Characters – In the game Crash Bandicoot has a girlfriend, Tawna – the driving force causing him to pursue the antagonist, Dr. Neo Cortex, his enemy.

Personal Appeal – The personal appeal of a character like Dr. Neo Cortex is his cliché, stereotypical evil persona that stands as a classic video game villain. He’s evil, but likable because his ways aren’t reflective of any real life events that might perhaps touch sensitive issues in the players’ lives.

How The Character Influences Gameplay – The character influences the game as the provocation for crash to pursue the journey to save another character. Without this character, there’d be no game.












Alice Lidell


Character – Alice Lidell

Game – Alice: Madness Returns (2012)

Game Description – The game follows the character of Alice as she spirals into madness after the death of her parents and admittance into a psychiatric ward. Her story tells us she then goes to an orphanage, at which she falls back into Wonderland (as it’s a sequel to the original 2000 game set one year later) and has to defeat evil within to discover the truth about her past. Wonderland appears to be her fictional mental equivalent to her reality, perhaps making reality easier to deal with while tackling the situation alternatively.

Why This Character – I chose this character because she’s different from other protagonist characters that often have a past but not necessarily as truthful or traumatic as Alice. Through her odd history, I feel like Alice’s character is a strong one with striking sympathy from the players and having an emotional connection – as opposed to other characters with an over the top background and connections to reality that stand a little too farfetched. Alice’s character has ties to reality with mental illness, abuse, and the loss of family members.

Characters Role – The character is the protagonist and her role is to defeat the evil forces within Wonderland, uncovering her own truths and becoming at peace with herself. Her role is to tell the story to the player through a series of battles, challenges, and obstacles.

Relationship With Characters – Her relationships with other characters are complicated and twisted – character she thought were friend turn out to be foe, and those she didn’t think she could trust become her allies, specifically with the character of Dr. Bumby – the antagonist of the story. He appears trust worthy in the beginning and not as a typical antagonist. His true intentions are revealed in the end with the help of Wonderland – Alice’s mental escape from her reality – as the one who caused the fire that killed her family and his intentions of keeping Alice from ever remembering through hypnotism. Another character is the queen of hearts – who Alice discovers is the wonderland equivalent of her sister, Lizzie, who died a year before in the fire.

Personal Appeal – The personal appeal comes back to my reason of ‘Why this character?’ Alice is a relatable character telling her story through fantasy settings but metaphorically fighting her cause in the real world. Many conclusions can be made about Alice through the game, that she has a mental illness, that she is being abused by Dr. Bumby, and she is now an orphan. These are all relatable characteristic that trigger sympathy and likability with players, making Alice a great character and boosting her personal appeal.

How The Character Influences Gameplay – The character influences gameplay as the character whose story is being told. You play a set path in this story overcoming all challenges to move on. Upon moving on you uncover more and more about Alice. She influences gameplay by being the main subject/story of the game.



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SIDE & FRONT (Details)

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PERSP (Details)

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Image (Details)

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Initial Idea

Post-War tribes/clans of humans living underground in the deserts of a land mass resembling the Middle Eastern planes, functioning in a seemingly utopian society aided by futuristic technology and mechanisms, but in reality under tyrannical rule in a dystopian state ruling with an iron fist, brainwashing and misleading citizens to remain in power and hold onto their wealth. Those living in this underground structure live in fear of the outside – taught that it is dangerous and they will be killed.

The main character would preferably be female, living in this society with a single mother under the impression her father was killed in what simply is referred to as ‘The War’. Brought up with what can be described as ‘tough love’, she’s determined and stony faced – hard working and logical. Well educated but misguided under the system implemented by their dystopian rulers, under the impression the outside world is a desolate plane of sand and dried up rivers beds, no other humans or life forms in existence. Her only visual to the outside world is through the large dome structure overhead giving way to the blue skies obscured by the warped dirty glass.

The character should be an advocate for their ‘society’, young and impressionable all the same. They should train as part of their goal to join the ranks of their society and protect the people inside. Once the character sees a trigger point to turn against the society, they should use their abilities (once used for evil, although misguided and warped) for the good of the world in bringing down these individual states and uniting everyone on the surface. Liberating and gathering a support as the game progresses while discovering there were more creatures/humans on the planet than those within the underground ‘bunker’ where she and her family lived.

There is the Main Character – Protagonist, Hero, etc etc.

The antagonist would be the head of the dystopian society initially portrayed as an idol figure by the MC, but as the game progresses you get the impression that he’s a little more sinister as true intentions are revealed and the goals of this particular character.

Material #1 (Details)

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  1. A description of the role of a character from your game

Nadia is the protagonist of the story/game – who must combat the antagonist (leader) and his henchmen who try to kill her. In doing this, she will uncover groups of humans living on the surface unlike what she was told to believe before. Her main role is to find life and convince her family and the captive citizens that they have been lied to and to defeat their leader to free them.

  1. A description of the character’s backstory

Lived on earth as we know it until she was ten when the war that had run for many years became worse and the earth become a desolate uninhabitable plane. Humans moved underground, her father dead, and Nadia has lived with her mother and sister since training to become part of the small army, and in the meantime works in agriculture, farming with modern but rare technologies to sustain life underground.

  1. A description the character’s development journey

She develops from being a submissive member of society to become her own person breaking out of the rules she lived by when a turning point arrives. She changed into her own person using her skills through training for a different good, evolving into a better, stronger person.

  1. What is the story arc of your game

The story arc – or plot thread – is Nadia’s mission to free her friends and family.

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