Preying On A Mature Woman's Insecurities

by Sam Fox


Negging, or making mature women feel insecure, is one of the often used tools in the seduction community. In short, it allows a guy to bring down a woman’s value relative to his own. Men praise it as the end all be all to winning over mature women. My take? The “neg” represents passive-aggressive, weak, insecure game. It’s really sad to see that men are so insecure in their ability to get a woman that they have to resort to trying to make her feel insecure.

Negging is completely unnecessary. Not only that, but it just doesn’t feel right attacking someone’s insecurities. Why would you want to start a relationship that way? How can you call yourself a man if all you did to get a woman is attack her insecurities and make her feel like shit? And how do you feel knowing that mature women don’t like you for you, but rather, they like you because of some false negative persona that you’ve created in order to get into their pants? Do you really want that? Would you really be making them feel insecure if you didn’t have to?

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My guess is that you wouldn’t. In other words, you are being fake and weak. You are afraid to be who you really are because you think that mature women won’t like you. You have been led down the wrong path. Instead of teaching you to be confident and assertive, and attracting mature women that way, you were taught to take the sneaky, insecure, backhanded way to attract mature women.

You were lied to when you were told that you can’t let mature women know that you are attracted to them, that you can’t show interest, and that you need to attack their insecurities if you want them to be attracted to you. I have been out, stating exactly what I think about particular mature women, being direct, and staying away from making any woman feel insecure in any way, and you know what? Crazy thing is, I still pull mature women, with the only difference being that I don’t deal with the flaky mature women that other PUA’s deal with. Do I make mature women chase? Yes. Do I joke around? Yes, and I make it pretty obvious. But in no way do I try to make a woman feel insecure.

I know that some of you are thinking “but I have told mature women that I think they’re beautiful and it hasn‘t worked”, and to that I say that you are saying it from a weak perspective. Are you just some drunk guy or weak male saying it and hoping that she falls for you? Of course she’s not! You have to come at her with confidence, be assertive, look decent, and HAVE SOMETHING TO FOLLOW IT UP WITH. You can’t just approach with a compliment and then have this idiotic look on your face like she’s magically suppose to fall head over heels for you.

When you stop using negs, and come at mature women correctly, you will find that a lot of your problems are going to just fade away. Her friends are going to like you a lot more; if you decide to start a relationship, it’s going to be a healthy relationship that isn’t founded on insecurities; there won’t be anything bad anyone can really say about you; you minimize saying or doing something idiotic or insulting; and most importantly, you get to be yourself and not some false persona that you’ve created.

Negging is like trying to jimmy rig yourself into being an attractive man, but it still doesn‘t make you complete. Instead, you need to actually BE an attractive man that is confident, assertive, and not a pushover. Mature women want men who make them feel more complete; not take away from them. The choice is yours.